Thursday and Friday

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Yesterday I took my oldest over to the house

we worked hard taking the home schooling stuff out of the lounge and putting in the old master bedroom

I worked on that while my oldest rearanged the lounge – heaps more spacious now

In the afternoon I went to social welfare and went back on the solo parent benefit – the lady was nice

saw Anne (my oldests private tutor told her what was going on) she hugged me and talked and gave me coffee to drink – very nice

Today finished off what we couldnt Yesterday

took my youngest over and had a chat about daddy

also went to town for a while

child youth and family were on our doorstep – someone wanted us checked out – passed coz Im a good mum 🙂

had an afternoon sleep this afternoon


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9 Responses to “Thursday and Friday”

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I’m sorry you had that visit to check you out, you’re a good mum Jen, don’t doubt that.

WTF?? Wanted you checked out? That’s just WRONG. Of course you passed, way to go Jen.
Thinking of you lots, hugs, Hay

Ack, that was me! lol

Of course you’re a good mum! Sorry you had to deal with that. (((hugs)))

Sounds like you are getting a lot accomplished. One step at a time, right?

sounds nasty! be strong Jen, take care of yourself, thinking of you:) Rachaelxo

Thinking of you…

We have so many people in our county that are on welfare that they don’t even go by to check them out…and they should. Too many people lie about that stuff nowadays.

I am very sorry that you had to be checked out though…but I am glad that you are getting help.

Love you dear friend, and know that I am praying hard for you.


thanks Amy, Hay, devildogwife, Rachael and Rach

Jessica you dont have to be on a benefit to be checked out by cyps. If someone rings them up and reports abuse then they have to check it out. This report doesnt even have to be true they still have to do a check in case it is

Wanted you checked out? How nasty but no question you’re a great mum!

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