The Weekend

Posted on January 25, 2009. Filed under: home and family |


A lazy day that saw me catching up with sleep

In the afternoon we went to Dees (my friend) and even though I was wearing a shirt I got sunburnt right through it



Hard to sleep last night because of the above

Church followed by lunch there and then some more catching up on sleep


My oldest made dinner and it was yum – mince, potato and spaghetti pie garnished with beetroot accompanied by a  salad



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15 Responses to “The Weekend”

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hello sweetheart,
you’re in my thoughts every day.
love X

ouch Jen! Have you got some aloe vera lotion? or a plant in your garden you can use to soothe your back?

ouch! I was about to say aloe vera but Amy already has! Take Care – Rachaelxo

OUCH! Sunburn is not fun but those sliced beets are lovely.

OUCH! on your back. Through a shirt even!
The food looks very yummy. Good job for your boy. It’s important they know how to prepare food. Too many don’t.

Thats nasty sunburn, you poor thing, I’m glad your lovely son is looking after you, what a good boy! xx

Ooh, is that blisters I see on your back? Ouch! Hope you’re feeling better now, Jen. Cool baths will help take the sting out of it.

B. did a good job on your lunch. It looks yummy!

Take care of yourself, my friend.

Love and hugs,


Ouch! Thats some strong sun! I hope you have some aloe gel to put on it, it’s so soothing.

If you were in America, those beets would be pepperoni:)

Oh no, that sunburn looks painful! Hopefully it will be gone in a couple of days and you can sleep better. Sending {hugs} your way. 😉

So sorry about your sunburn…i do hope it heals quickly and that you don’t have much pain from it

Supper sounded yummy!

Have a wonderful week ahead…still keeping you in my prayers

Love, Jess

Hope your sunburn heals quickly! Can’t believe you got burned through your shirt!

Ouch!! Hope it heals soon and hope you get some good sleep.

thanks katie, Rachael, Melody, Jess and Barbara

no I havent 😦 Amy and Steph

they were 🙂 Jen

Donna he wants to be a chef and yep even though my shirt

Heartfelt hes a honey 🙂

Diane it was dinner and no not blisters

neither could I Melissa but I did gotta be so careful

Oh my word! You got sunburnt through a shirt? That must have been some sun! Your boy is becoming quite the little chef! Good for him!

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