Monday and Tuesday

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Went for my first councelling session – arent sure I need it but went anyway

We were a bit early so I took the boys to a park first they had fun on a slide and climbing wall

After we got home again sorted some stuff out like when my youngest will be having some easy mind care starting next week

this will make home schooling easier

After lunch we took my youngest back to kindy at last

He has asked EVERY DAY of the holidays when he could go back

Then I went to see a family support worker at the family centre

she was nice

My oldest is going to have a youth worker work with him for a while – hes sad and angry at the way the ex has been treating him

In the late afternoon started working on what I need to do to give the ex access with our boy this was a bit daunting but with help from the pastors wife via a phone call Im sorting it


Had a bit of a rough night

Im meeting the ex tomorrow with our boy to see the exs mother whom apparently might be dieing.  The ex also needs to sign a paper for starting the legal action for him to get access.  I was full of fear in the night.  Till I concentrated on God and the fact that he will be right there with me.

Today we went over to our house.  Im getting the locks changed and my sister bless her is paying for it.

We got our food parcel from CYPS.  I was so thankful we hadnt missed the lady that delievered it.  My car despite travelling around this morning got to kindy and broke down.  I had dropped my youngest off and got in it to go home when it wouldnt work.  I got a lift home with the pastors wife.  Then I biked to the petrol station thinking that might be the problem.  It didnt help.  One of the fathers at kindy jump started me but then I was turning around and it stopped again.  This time I was stuck in the middle of the road – arrr!!!  The kindy teachers got me started this time and I made it home.  Where it stopped again.

What an afternoon!!!  So not what I need right now 😦


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8 Responses to “Monday and Tuesday”

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Oh Jen, I am just so sorry you have to go through this but do know when you eventually come out the otherside life will be grand for you and your boys! You are doing everything just right to pave the way for a good and HAPPY future. Sending a big vitual hug your way – Rachaelxo

What a bummer of a day, Jen. I’m sorry for your bad luck with the car. Hopefully it’s something really simple (and cheap!) to repair.

I’m glad everything else is moving along for you. Soon you’ll settle back into your new normal routine and things will get better.

We’ve got lots of ice but miraculously still have power for the moment. That could change in an instant though.

Love you, my friend. 🙂


I hope your car won’t give you anymore trouble! I am so sorry you are having to deal with such nuisance things when you ahve such important things going on in your life.

I am glad you have people helping you get things sorted out with you and the ex.

It sounds like you’re managing Jen, I’m relieved to know you have some help for various agencies down there. I know it’s a cliche but everything we go through like this in life is a learning curve, just hold onto hope and that God is your rock girl, I know it’s gotten me through the storms many times.

wow jen
you have loads going on right now –
thinking of you.
love and sunshine X

You sure have been tried lately, Jen, but you’re doing a great job, especially taking care of your boys. Keep it up, I’m in your corner.

Counselling always helps, even when you think it might not. It sounds like CYPS and WINZ are giving you lots of help, thats good to think that you’re being taken good care of.
Cars are infuriating aren’t they?

You are such a strong person! Thinking of you,,,,xx

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