My Saturday

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After a restless night B13 woke me up at 6am.  I had to go and help him with his paperruns.  Both of our bikes are broken.  Hes going to take one of them to the bike shop on Monday. D3 is spending the weekend with his dad.

After we had finished them off we came home and had bacon & eggs for breakie.  Soon after breakfast I dragged took B13 out to a nearby street to collect $$ for Relay 4 Life.  Which hes going to take part in on the 7th and 8th of March.  Hes going to be doing his part at 5am.  If he can wake up.  He will have walk around a track for an hour.  We did reallly well πŸ™‚  collecting the $$.  Just before we finished the stree we popped into a friend from church who lives on this street and refreshed on cold cold water from his fridge.  It was HOT!!!! outside.

After we had finished popped around the corner to see the beautiful loving supportive Tracey.  I am so blessed to have a friend like her.

In the afternoon B13 and I went to see Despereaux.  The ex was going to take him but then copped out.  I was pissed off about that.  I knew hed do that.  Still me made.  It was an ok movie.  We snacked on lollies and popcorn which we always buy beforehand at the supermarket.  Threatre food is always too expensive!!!


After the movie it was time for more walking.  We went and picked up my catologues from where I delievered them on Thursday and Friday morning  for my part time job πŸ™‚

B13 cooked dinner when we got home and then we watched TV and settled down for an early night.


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8 Responses to “My Saturday”

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I saw on the weather report that Napier was the only place supposed to be sunny on Saturday. We’ll all be complaining about the cold in a couple of months πŸ˜‰

grrr that’s annoying when people make promises they can’t keep. No doubt it’ll be cold here in a month or so and I cant wait πŸ™‚

Sorry your ex didn’t fulfill his promise…I was wondering why everyone was asking for that book at work, now I know a movie has been made! xx

Hi Jen. Glad you and your boy are having a good weekend. Too bad about your bikes. Hope they can be fixed cheaply and quickly.

Happy Sunday! πŸ™‚

Love and hugs,


I’m glad you and your boy had a good time together. Have a good week ahead, Jen!

LS it was HOT!!!

same Amy

Heart Felt apparently the books are a bit different to the movie

thanks Diane and Alice

That’s neat that you do Relay for Life in NZ too!

we haven’t seen Despereaux here yet – after reading what you said about it, i think we’ll wait for the dvd!!
love X

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