MONDAY, TUESDAY – what weve been up to and home schooling

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One of my bloggy friends and loyal reader and commenter worried where I was last week.  Sori.  Just been busy and havent felt like blogging.

Yesterday I had a good look at my time and while I feel guilty for not home schooling as Id like to.  I found time to fit it in more and be ok to accept that this term is all about us holistically.  Be pleased with myself about what we do do when it comes to what I class as real home schooling.

Last night for instance we read.  I also need to remember there are many different ways to home school.  Unschoolers for instance would think we are doing great.  For instance on Monday morning B13 and I went out and picked up my catalogues for my job.  This encompasses maths (number recognition when looking at the letterbox numbers) and exercise the mere walking.  It took 2 hours.

After lunch we went to B13s private tutor.  I sat in on the lesson and got real with Anne about how it is for us this term.  She is still supporting us and she said she knows whats its like when you separate.

This morning we had playgroup.  B13 helped me set up the outside area and made morning tea.  He also socialised with the children and parents.  We had 30 children today.  We havent had numbers like that for a long time.     Then he went to Traceys and helped her pack up the orders for our job.  She is in charge of Napier.  B13 helps her find the particular item and then packs them into boxes for each distributor. I had bible study while he was helping her.

He of course has his paperruns x2.  He usually has swmming on a Tuesday night but its got really cool again and its not a heated pool.  Hopefully we will get some more reading in tonight.  One last thing we have swapped jobs – hes cooking the dinners and Im doing the dishes.  His dinners are delish


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11 Responses to “MONDAY, TUESDAY – what weve been up to and home schooling”

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Glad you’re doing alright there Jen. Your homeschooler sounds like a good help 🙂

Theres many different ways to teach a child and as long as yours works for you both then go for it I say.

Sounds all good there Jen. Lots of different ways of learning. He sounds like he is such a good supportive boy! Rachaelxo

It sounds like he’s getting a lot of great experiences.

boys who cook! That’s really admirable. Keep it up 🙂

I’m glad you’re moving ahead with your homeschooling and adjusting to being a single parent again, Jen. No need to explain why you’re not blogging, but thanks for letting us know that you’re just busy and not staying away from blogging because you’re depressed and struggling again. Just concerned about you, dear friend. 🙂

Love and hugs, ❤ ❤


I hope Charlie grows up wanting to cook! Lucy you….xx

Cooking includes LOTS of learning… and an important life skill! We can be so hard on ourselves as homeschool moms it’s good to take a step back and see all the learning that is taking place. And life is full of learning. Sometimes I have to remember that homeschool doesn’t have to look like a classroom in order to qualify as education. In fact, it’s probably better when it doesn’t. And you ARE doing great!!

ooo i am so excited for this chef buzz that your homeschooler is on… awesome! X

hes a good lad Amy

thanks LS, rachael, jen and katie

he is barbara

floflo and Heartfelt he loves cooking 🙂

awwwwwwwwww bless you Diane
Im feeling good 🙂 most of the time
its much more peaceful at home now 🙂

bless you all my dear friends 🙂

(((hugs))) you sound down my friend

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