I Have a Dream, I Have a Plan, An Action Goal . . .

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to help me cope with anything

I believe angels

– but these angels are a different

type of one

A couple of nights ago I was sitting in front of the TV watching the late news.  I was thinking over some things Tracy and I had talked about during the day.  She thinks I need to get some me time (away from B13).  I dont agree with her and thats ok 🙂  She loves me unconditionally.

In this case the angel is a metaphor to me for a holiday 🙂

My dream, plan, goal is too try to save up some money (I may try to get some more part time work) and save up and go and visit my sister with the boys.  I havent seen her in such a long time.  Years and years.  She lives in the BOP.  Up North.  I have decided it would be neat to surprise her.  She doesnt read my blog.  I would love to turn up on her doorstep and say Hi sis 🙂

She has a very large family and I have decided it would make it more of a holiday if we stayed here. Their tariff isnt too bad.  We would stay for 3 or 4 nights.  The flexiblity of home schooling means we could go on a Monday and come back on a Friday morning.

As the lyrics  that I sang loads of this morning say:-

[I] can take the future even if [I] fail – this dream, plan, goal gives me a purpose and even if it doesnt come about because of $$ or lack of.  I will still be focusing on the future rather than dwelling in the present.   I feel like Ive been a bit bogged down – no more!!!

I believe this dream, plan and goal will bring me up when Im down 🙂  I will be able to push through the darkness and take another step towards my destination.


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9 Responses to “I Have a Dream, I Have a Plan, An Action Goal . . .”

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Jen, you’re always welcome to come up north if you want and stay with us…maybe you do need some you time but no that you’re with your boys I”m sure you can all start to relax and work through any issues you have.

That sounds like a great idea, a change of scenery can do so much. If you ever come down to Wellington I volunteer to be your tour guide!

I love Abba! 😉

Everybody needs dreams and goals to work toward, Jen, and this sounds like a doable plan. It may be just what the doctor ordered and just what you need. Maybe B would be willing to help you as you work toward your trip. It would give him a goal and teach him about saving his money and setting goals, cooperation and consistency.

Happy Fall! 🙂

Love and hugs,


Well done Jen, you should open a holiday account. And if you ever pass through Auckland, on your way to Amy say, then I am here for you!!!! Rachaelxo

That sounds like a good plan!

BoP as in The Sunny Bay?
if you’re cruising through here, pop in babe – love love X

Hallo, you have a blog award waiting! 😀

thanks Amy, Diane, Barbara and Floflo

might take u up on that one oneday LS that your offer too Rachael

might go do that Katie 🙂

That is an awesome goal! And you are right, having something to look forward to like that is a big help and encouragement!

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