Hey! Hey! Honey, I’m home!

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Finally got home last night after a wet windy drive.  I was meant to go to my sisters for a week.  However, the car had other thoughts.

During the first week


We went and watched my 2nd oldest nephew L12 milk cows.  He wants to be a farmer and the farmer down the road gave him some work experience over the school holidays.  We learnt what happens after the cows have been milked on the rotary milker.  We were given a guided tour around the milk shed from one of the guys helping to milk the cows.


(view we had while having lunch)
We went for walks around the farm. Went to town shopping, one day, had lunch by the sea in my sisters van.  Brought my youngest nephew a bounicette (his was OLD!! and had lost its cover).  I drove to a another nearby town the day before we were meant to go home, where I picked up a scanner/printer I brought off a New Zealand auction site. We enjoyed bonding with my sister, her hubby and family.




Both my boys loved being on the farm.  Going for rides on the quad bike with their uncle and older cousins. They loved looking at the animals and playing with the house cat.  B13 helped his uncle and older cousins begin to make a garage.



During this first week I had the chance to make home made butter.  My BIL makes his own cheese so I tried that to.  YUM!!! He even gifted me some to bring home.



The day I was suppose to come home got on the road at a reasonable hour of the day and was an hour on the way home when my car broke down.  Quite an experience.  I felt like I was stuck in the middle of a forest road with no cellphone coverage.  In fact I wasnt as far from civiliansation as I felt.  B13 and I stood in the pouring rain with the car hazards on and us waving our arms about.  Eventually a couple of guys stopped and decided it was my clutch.  They had to go though so after they rang the AA car people and we decided because as of yet I am not a member they would cost too much, I was again alone.  We flagged down a lady whom said she couldnt help as she was going to an appointment.  Helpfully she told us to flag down a ute or light truck as they would be able to tow us up the hill to a garage.  FINALLY a maori man with small child towed us up the hill.  Quite an experince in itself as I dont liked being towed and these were along winding mountain hills.   At last we got to the top.  I rang my sister and she and her hubby told us to have a picnic LOL (we had lunch at a cafe) and eventually my sister would pick us .  Her family had just started their own lunch and my sister had to feed her baby too.  After an age she arrived.  We drove my car to the mechanic a few kms down the road at a top speed of 25kms.  Unpacking my car and loading all the stuff into my sisters van we left the car at the mechanics and went back to hers.


The thing is the car was fine getting here and even the day before I left.

It was nice going to chuch with them on Sunday morning.

Week 2

We started home schooling again this term alongside my sisters older children.

It was a quiet week.  One afternoon I took D3 and my niece Miss 5 to town when my sister took her older boys on a home schooling swim meet.  We window shopped.  Looked at some boats.  Had an icecream and drink in a icecream palour.  The children also saw a parrot that took their fancy.




One night I babysat my nephews and niece when my sister took her 2 oldest to youth group.  (My BIL was away for a couple of days, as well as having the farm he has a business a couple of hours drive away.)  Although this meant I was looking after 8 children including B13 and D3 it was easy as they are all well behaved children and as everyone gets up early here.  Hence early bedtimes.

D3s dad wasnt happy about my car and threatened to call the police on me.  And have D3 uplifted.  While it was a shock I handled it really well.  Im still patting myself on the back.  I didnt cry 🙂  My lawyer sorted it out and the mechanic put other jobs aside to get me home.  Bless them and my BIL who pointed out the effects this would have had on D3.
Yesterday afternoon we picked up the car and came home.  Taking our time as it was rainy, misty and windy.
This week to aplease his father D3 is spending the week with him.

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14 Responses to “Hey! Hey! Honey, I’m home!”

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What a fun sounding holiday! (Other than the car, that sounds horrible! Why does it always rain when that stuff happens?!) Glad you had a good holiday Jen!

It looks like you had a lovely trip- despite the car 🙂
Glad to see you back blogging!

I have missed you! Sounds like your holiday was wonderful apart from the car drama and your ex’s drama! Take Care – Rachaelxo

What an eventful week! Your sister’s place sounds like a wonderful place to raise children. I’m so glad you all got to go.

What a headache with the car! I’m glad it all worked out well eventually. Sorry about your ex’s reaction — that certainly didn’t help things!

Glad you made it back home safe and sound.

you’re home and hosed.
love all the photos and stories.
sounds like you had loads of fun adventures, and lovely memories X

Awww sorry about all the car trouble Jen, but I’m sure the extra few days with your sister were enjoyed 🙂

Wow, what adventures you had, some good and some bad. Glad you had a good time visiting your Sis and her family.

Welcome home! Have a great new week. 🙂

Love and hugs,


hey Jen, glad your’e back. Looks like you’ve all had a blast. Gosh your oldest has gotten tall hasn’t he?

What a fantastic holiday!!! And my gosh! That was one huge pig or hog?! And what kind of goat was that?

What a lovely farm! Glad you had a wonderful time.

Welcome back, looks like you had a wonderful time on the farm. Love that pig! xx

thanks LS, Jen, Rachael, Diane and Heart Felt

We sure did Katie 🙂

Hay a blessing in disguist

Amy tell me about it!!!! Hes gonna be at least 6 foot I think

Leti Pumba sure is a big pig and the goat is a Saanen

What a great vacation, Jen. Beautiful photos – makes me want to be there. The photo of your poor car is sad though. What a shame that had to happen but your sister had the right idea – just have a picnic. LOL

thanks Barbara
no pleasing some people

LOL Barb think it was my BILs idea that he pasted on to my sis. Whats so funny about that is that it was RAINING!!!! would have been soaked to the bone in minutes there was a nice cafe there though 🙂 YUM

Jen, what a lovely place your sister and brother-in-law have! And what a blessing that you all got to enjoy it with them. Shame about the car and your ex, but it sounds like you handled everything very well.

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