I was inspired

Posted on May 8, 2009. Filed under: home and family |

While I was at my sisters I got inspired to tackle my laundry when I got home.  I finally did it today.  Its been  a busy week what with getting home schooling properly for us again this term, doing my part time job, sorting out my gas heater (which had to go back to the shop 3 times before it would work properly) and starting another course – once a week.

My sister has a large family and they have a big laundry.  While mine looked like the first photo below   and hence very hard to work in.  My sisters large laundry was functionally and even had 2 washing machines in it.  A place for everything and everything in its place and so today I pulled everything out and threw out a lot of rubbish, put up a shelf I found on the side of the street this week and made it much more functional 🙂





And now Im off to mow the lawn thats grown!!!! long since we were away


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4 Responses to “I was inspired”

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Good job Jen! Yes, it pays to be organised when you have big families. The kids in the Neighbourhood all ask my girls why our house is so clean, lol. I have to keep it that way because otherwise the kids can destroy it in an afternoon!

wow Jen your sister has 2 washing machines? Does she have a large family? or is one for the farm clothes like overalls etc? your laundry looks so tidy – well done 🙂 btw thinking about you up here, is the shooting saga near you?

good job Jen! looks nice and well organised, its inspired me to do something with mine! Thanks so much for your support. I’ll email you later on! Rachaelxo

Hay my sis has twice as many children as u do 🙂 and yes Ive heard the same thing said by my sis 🙂
and thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂

Amy she does have a large family 🙂
thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂
10 minutes away by car 😦
I found I kept having to tell myself it wasnt just on TV
in our modern society i think we tend to get use to looking at voilent images on TV
this was really a bit too close to home
we stayed away
B13 wanted to go look at the road but I decided not to
it brought back memories of when the springboks came to New Zealand when I was a girl
my mother wouldnt let us play in our front garden even though we were probably 20 minutes away from town
I try not to be parnoid like she was but its difficult at times

thanks Rachael I love how your making your place yours again 🙂
keep it up my friend
and yes please do email me 🙂

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