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friday fave five spring

Susanne at Living to Tell the Story hosts a “Friday Fave Five” in which we share our five favorite things from the past week.

1.  In New Zealand the 2nd school term starts on the 27th of April.  However due to my car breaking down, having to spend an extra fab week with my sister and then D3 having to spend a week with his dad, this week has really seen us getting back into our rountine.  Its been good.  I think I like being busy and organised.

2.  I had a really good catologue run this week.  It consisted mainly of one LONG road and just one side road.  Also while I am discussing work I have one repeat customer who has agreed with me that she wants me to be her seller.  This means lots more business with her as well as being a repeat customer she is also a nice lady.  And shes a self confessed shop alcholic 🙂

3.  I have D3 home this today and this weekend as his dad is busy 🙂  I like having him home 🙂

4.  I have a special helpful supportive friend who wants to help me parent my teenager B13 better.  She has 2 grown up daughters so she knows how teenagers can “push the buttons” and try to wind their mothers up

5.  At church last Sunday I came to the conclusion that I have to let last year go.  I have to forgive how the ex treated my boy B13.  I cant keep getting all upset about it as I did the Thursday before that.  After all the ex and B13 dont have anything to do with one another now.


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11 Responses to “Fridays Fave Five”

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Great FFF. Sounds like it was busy and fulfilling.. Have a great weekend 🙂

Happy for you that you are getting more business.
Good supportive friedns are always great.
Sorry to hear your number 5 but happy that you’ve concluded yourself that you need to let go.
Happy Friday and have a good weekend with your son.

great friends can help lots I have several myself Forgivness does a heart well. I was also wondering how your school year sememsters are spread out sounds interesting

I’m so glad you joined in, Jen! I think you’re right on with #5. Past hurts can eat away at us if we let them and just releasing that can be the best thing. Glad you’ve got a good supportive friend there! And that’s great that your catalog run went so well and you’ve got a good customer!

Routine is good. I always think that routine drives me crazy but then if I’m away from it for too long it really messes with me. I function so much better within it.

How nice that a friend has come alongside you to help parent! Bless her heart!

I love to be busy and organized, too. I think you are so right on #5. Let the past hurts go. Often we dwell on a past hurt and letting it keep us from living, when the other person is out there having a good time and not even worrying about it. Who are we hurting by being bitter? Ourselves!

Glad your business is picking up. In today’s world, that’s awesome!

You’re very wise Jen 🙂
btw I”m going to snag this idea next week…

Hey Jen, it’s great to read updates again and how you have such a wonderful supportive family yet sad that sometimes people can be so mean. But your strength and perseverance is just so encouraging and inspiring. Keep going on. God is watching over every minute details of your life. Hugs and Love 🙂

Hi Jen…I have missed you so much…life is still crazy…but I’m still here and I will do better soon at blogging!

Have a great upcoming week…

thanks friends

its not always easy Barbara I had a down day yesterday

Susanne I do better with a rountine and Im quite an organised person and yes bless my friend 🙂

I try Amy

miss u too Jess LOVED the photos of u, your mum and Emmy 🙂 on FB

thanks Thom, Kari, Angie

In New Zealand the school terms run like this –
there is a slight difference between high school and primary however we try to stick to the primary school terms as its easier with D3 and B13 isnt doing a lot of high school stuff yet anyway

Jerri thats what I decided. He wouldnt even know I hurt so why should I 🙂

bless you Flo 🙂 Alice is blessed to have a sis like U

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