sick and sad

Posted on May 22, 2009. Filed under: home and family |

I had a real sad day yesterday.  I have a lot going on at the moment.  I am a bit depressed.  I have a lot of negative self talk going on within me.  I am thinking of getting some more counselling.  I have some sessions up my sleeve with the counsellor I saw after my split up.

I got diagnosed with asthma on Wednesday.  I thought I had a relapse of the cough/cold.  However, this time it was worst.  I cant breathe after a coughing spell.  I havent been sleeping well because of it either since the weekend.  I was urged/ordered by a special friend to go to the doctors.  I had a very quick after seeing the doctor for like 10 minutes I went and got the medicine, a reliever.  I didnt know how to use it.  I felt unsure Id be confident enough at home so I went back and talked to the receptionist.  She made me an appointment to see the ASTHMA nurse.  She was AWESOME.  I talked to her for maybe 30 minutes and she was EXCELLENT.  I didnt have to pay for her advice, even though thats all the doctor did really.  She was as interactive as he was if not more.  Showing me how to use the inhaler for example.  Giving me some info and a diary.  To try to find out what tiggers it.  She wants to see me in 3 weeks.
I was surprised the doctor knew straight away more or less what was wrong with me.
I have been told, I might have it before in the pass I was always told to go home and clean the house etc.  This doctor did seem a little better and at least gave me the diagnoses.  I do feel especially after seeing the nurse that she was much better and informative.

I am seriously thinking sending B13 to school.  I really wanted to home school him.  However, his attitude isnt good either.  He is stubborn and rude.  He doesnt really respect me.  I have taken away his TV, music system and cell phone until further notice.  I feel some what responsible for his behaviour as his mother and  feel like a bad mother.


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9 Responses to “sick and sad”

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I’m sorry to hear of your asthma. But at least now you know what it is and can be treated. As for your son. Never second guess yourself or feel like a bad mother. That doesn’t help matters. You do the best with kids and that’s all that can be expected. He needs to learn rules as all kids do. They go through a rebelious streak and it’s just something about growing up. I know things will get better for you. It has to and will if you keep a very positive attitude towards all things. Once you feel positive about yourself all around you feel the same. I firmly believe that. Take care my friend 🙂

Jen, you’re not a bad mother. I face the same issue sometimes with my 14 year old son, welcome to the teenage years. B13 perhaps has a lot of anger in his heart, pray girl pray and don’t give up.

Dear Jen.. Sorry to hear about the asthma.. stay warm and get lot of vitamin C.
Don’t blame yourself for your son..13 yr old boys are missing part of their brain’s frontal lobe. They are flooded with hormones they don’t know how to deal with. It isn’t his fault or yours.. you just have to keep loving them the best you can and wait for them to grow up!

(((hugs))) I’m sorry to hear about the asthma, but at least now you know. Once you get it under control, you’ll be good to go. (I have asthmas as well.)

I agree that you shouldn’t doubt your parenting. You do the best that you can do, and pray that God will take care of the rest. I know it’s hard. You’ve all been through some rough times, so there will be some adjustments. If you truly feel that you need to send him back to school for now, then don’t feel guilty about it.

May God wrap His loving arms around you and give you the peace and security that you need right now.

Sorry to hear you are having a rough time! 13 is hard… on kids AND moms 🙂 It’s tough when you are in the midst of it but you are not alone in feeling as you do. I can relate and hear the same stories from every mom of a 13yo that I know. Hang in there!!

You guys (and girls)all R O C K
bless you all

Asthma nurses are wonderful. They were very very helpful when my daughter had to go see them.

Hang in there and rely on the Lord with your boy, Jen! Teenagerhood is a roller coaster ride for sure.

I’m so sorry you’ve been going through a down time. Glad you got a diagnosis and a good appointment with the asthma nurse — hopefully physically things will get better from there. Hope the sad time passes

I agree with what others have said about B13. I am sure he has a lot of anger and issues from the breakup, and that age can be hard anyway. Love and prayer — ofttimes that’s all we can do.

I’m glad you have a diagnosis for the asthma. My grandfather was a chronic asthmatic in the days before there were inhalers. I had a milder form in my teens which I seemed to outgrow. All sorts of things can be a factor such as a particular pollen or something in the house such as a cleaning agent or feather pillows or duvets. Sometimes certain foodstuffs can trigger an attack. Grandad loved onion sauce with roast pork but, as he got older, the milk seemed to make him wheeze. In my own case, I now realise stress over school exams also played a part. You have been under a lot of stress recently and still are. It may well be a reaction to all that has happened recently.

Six months after my mother died I got a cold and had the worst nasal catarrh I can remember for several weeks. My sinuses were completely blocked. When that cleared, I had a rash which spread over most of my body. There was not too much to actually see (except where I scratched it) but the itching drove me mad. It continued throughout the cold weather and then gradually faded but returned in the winter for several years afterwards. My doctor thought that the shock of Mum’s sudden death had caused a delayed reaction and first triggered the catarrh and then caused the eczema from which I had suffered as a child to resurface. Astham and skin problems are very closely linked and you have had skin problems in the past.

Sorry, my email is out of action. The computer needs to go to “computer hospital”! I just hope the “illness” is not terminal. I suddenly thought that maybe it would let me post a comment on the blog before it goes away.
Love, Meg

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