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My day so far

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This morning I woke up early!!! Read some more of my book.  Got sad and had a cry.  Then I found my hands were together like in prayer.  I rested in Gods presence and fell back to sleep 🙂


We had lunch at church today 🙂 My friend who got cancer earlier in the year was there 🙂 She looks good 🙂 even though shes having chemo. She did say it was the first time in ages that she does feel ok. LOVE her hair (wig). Makes me wish my hair would grow longer faster. So I can donate mine. My long term goal.

When I got home I looked though another bible based childrens book of mine and started gathering ideas for teaching from it sometime. I have about 2 more lessons from the book Im using at the mo. Weve decided Ill be teaching for the next 2 weeks. I LOVE how the kids are responding to the teaching. Boosts my confidence 🙂 🙂

The one Im using at the mo


The one I studied after church for future lesson plans


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The Simple Woman’s Daybook

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Outside my window . .  . its fine but cold

I am thinking… happily about the fact that this week has been better in more than 1 way

I am thankful for… B13s supportive granddad we are probably going to start corrosdance school hes paying for it through a family trust

From the kitchen… the dishes are calling my name.

I am wearing… black pants, a pink svivvy and my sneakers
I am reading…Finding Alice – Melody Carlson

I am hoping… its fine tomorrow when I pick up my catologues

I am hearing… the TV D3 is watching sponge bob
Around the houseCYPS are going to come and see us tomorrow so I want the dishes  done and the floors need vacumming again

One of my favorite things… my job I like meeting people and walking

A few plans for the rest of the week: my job, the womans group seeing my friends again.

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Things are getting brighter

Posted on June 1, 2009. Filed under: gratitute, home and family |

For the last coupld of weeks I have been down sometimes excessilvly so

However I am begginning to feel like Im coming out of it at last

Last night we went out to dinner (2nd time in a week yahoo!!) at the pastors and his wifes house. There was another couple from the church there too. B13 went earlier and helped the pastor cook a yummy roast. After dinner we played cards 🙂

Today was a productive day

I picked up and delievered some more of my catologues.  I picked up D3 and then came home and did the dishes and finished my housework 🙂

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My Saturday

Posted on May 30, 2009. Filed under: home and family, smiles and laughter |

This morning I eagerly went and beat the streets delivering my catalogues.  After only delivering 93 I ran out and after sometime decided to use my initiative (I hope thats what it will be seen as).   I went to my boss’s house and got another box of catalogues and delivered them too.

Then this afternoon I did some laundry, then read read read my book.  Later in the afternoon I had a bath and read some more of my book.

What am I reading???


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sick and sad

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I had a real sad day yesterday.  I have a lot going on at the moment.  I am a bit depressed.  I have a lot of negative self talk going on within me.  I am thinking of getting some more counselling.  I have some sessions up my sleeve with the counsellor I saw after my split up.

I got diagnosed with asthma on Wednesday.  I thought I had a relapse of the cough/cold.  However, this time it was worst.  I cant breathe after a coughing spell.  I havent been sleeping well because of it either since the weekend.  I was urged/ordered by a special friend to go to the doctors.  I had a very quick after seeing the doctor for like 10 minutes I went and got the medicine, a reliever.  I didnt know how to use it.  I felt unsure Id be confident enough at home so I went back and talked to the receptionist.  She made me an appointment to see the ASTHMA nurse.  She was AWESOME.  I talked to her for maybe 30 minutes and she was EXCELLENT.  I didnt have to pay for her advice, even though thats all the doctor did really.  She was as interactive as he was if not more.  Showing me how to use the inhaler for example.  Giving me some info and a diary.  To try to find out what tiggers it.  She wants to see me in 3 weeks.
I was surprised the doctor knew straight away more or less what was wrong with me.
I have been told, I might have it before in the pass I was always told to go home and clean the house etc.  This doctor did seem a little better and at least gave me the diagnoses.  I do feel especially after seeing the nurse that she was much better and informative.

I am seriously thinking sending B13 to school.  I really wanted to home school him.  However, his attitude isnt good either.  He is stubborn and rude.  He doesnt really respect me.  I have taken away his TV, music system and cell phone until further notice.  I feel some what responsible for his behaviour as his mother and  feel like a bad mother.

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My Sunday

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Despite waking up with a really sore throat, sore chest and back.  I knew I had to go to church.  I was rostered on to Sunday school teaching and with only an hour to cancel out which I didnt think would be fair.  I prayed and carried on.

The class was good. Only 3 boys turned up and they were interested and asked some good questions.  Much to my surprise my voice didnt give out on me.  Thanks Lord.  I  did decide not to sing before my teaching in the main service as I knew I had some reading ahead of me.

This afternoon I had a big change around. I know I should have been resting but this has been on my mind for sometime.  I now have my own bedroom. D3 for the first time ever has his own room.  I have put our dining room table in our big lounge and the kitchen has the school stuff in it 🙂 🙂 🙂 A very productive afternoon 🙂

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Fridays Fave Five

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friday fave five spring

Susanne at Living to Tell the Story hosts a “Friday Fave Five” in which we share our five favorite things from the past week.

1.  In New Zealand the 2nd school term starts on the 27th of April.  However due to my car breaking down, having to spend an extra fab week with my sister and then D3 having to spend a week with his dad, this week has really seen us getting back into our rountine.  Its been good.  I think I like being busy and organised.

2.  I had a really good catologue run this week.  It consisted mainly of one LONG road and just one side road.  Also while I am discussing work I have one repeat customer who has agreed with me that she wants me to be her seller.  This means lots more business with her as well as being a repeat customer she is also a nice lady.  And shes a self confessed shop alcholic 🙂

3.  I have D3 home this today and this weekend as his dad is busy 🙂  I like having him home 🙂

4.  I have a special helpful supportive friend who wants to help me parent my teenager B13 better.  She has 2 grown up daughters so she knows how teenagers can “push the buttons” and try to wind their mothers up

5.  At church last Sunday I came to the conclusion that I have to let last year go.  I have to forgive how the ex treated my boy B13.  I cant keep getting all upset about it as I did the Thursday before that.  After all the ex and B13 dont have anything to do with one another now.

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I was inspired

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While I was at my sisters I got inspired to tackle my laundry when I got home.  I finally did it today.  Its been  a busy week what with getting home schooling properly for us again this term, doing my part time job, sorting out my gas heater (which had to go back to the shop 3 times before it would work properly) and starting another course – once a week.

My sister has a large family and they have a big laundry.  While mine looked like the first photo below   and hence very hard to work in.  My sisters large laundry was functionally and even had 2 washing machines in it.  A place for everything and everything in its place and so today I pulled everything out and threw out a lot of rubbish, put up a shelf I found on the side of the street this week and made it much more functional 🙂





And now Im off to mow the lawn thats grown!!!! long since we were away

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Hey! Hey! Honey, I’m home!

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Finally got home last night after a wet windy drive.  I was meant to go to my sisters for a week.  However, the car had other thoughts.

During the first week


We went and watched my 2nd oldest nephew L12 milk cows.  He wants to be a farmer and the farmer down the road gave him some work experience over the school holidays.  We learnt what happens after the cows have been milked on the rotary milker.  We were given a guided tour around the milk shed from one of the guys helping to milk the cows.


(view we had while having lunch)
We went for walks around the farm. Went to town shopping, one day, had lunch by the sea in my sisters van.  Brought my youngest nephew a bounicette (his was OLD!! and had lost its cover).  I drove to a another nearby town the day before we were meant to go home, where I picked up a scanner/printer I brought off a New Zealand auction site. We enjoyed bonding with my sister, her hubby and family.




Both my boys loved being on the farm.  Going for rides on the quad bike with their uncle and older cousins. They loved looking at the animals and playing with the house cat.  B13 helped his uncle and older cousins begin to make a garage.



During this first week I had the chance to make home made butter.  My BIL makes his own cheese so I tried that to.  YUM!!! He even gifted me some to bring home.



The day I was suppose to come home got on the road at a reasonable hour of the day and was an hour on the way home when my car broke down.  Quite an experience.  I felt like I was stuck in the middle of a forest road with no cellphone coverage.  In fact I wasnt as far from civiliansation as I felt.  B13 and I stood in the pouring rain with the car hazards on and us waving our arms about.  Eventually a couple of guys stopped and decided it was my clutch.  They had to go though so after they rang the AA car people and we decided because as of yet I am not a member they would cost too much, I was again alone.  We flagged down a lady whom said she couldnt help as she was going to an appointment.  Helpfully she told us to flag down a ute or light truck as they would be able to tow us up the hill to a garage.  FINALLY a maori man with small child towed us up the hill.  Quite an experince in itself as I dont liked being towed and these were along winding mountain hills.   At last we got to the top.  I rang my sister and she and her hubby told us to have a picnic LOL (we had lunch at a cafe) and eventually my sister would pick us .  Her family had just started their own lunch and my sister had to feed her baby too.  After an age she arrived.  We drove my car to the mechanic a few kms down the road at a top speed of 25kms.  Unpacking my car and loading all the stuff into my sisters van we left the car at the mechanics and went back to hers.


The thing is the car was fine getting here and even the day before I left.

It was nice going to chuch with them on Sunday morning.

Week 2

We started home schooling again this term alongside my sisters older children.

It was a quiet week.  One afternoon I took D3 and my niece Miss 5 to town when my sister took her older boys on a home schooling swim meet.  We window shopped.  Looked at some boats.  Had an icecream and drink in a icecream palour.  The children also saw a parrot that took their fancy.




One night I babysat my nephews and niece when my sister took her 2 oldest to youth group.  (My BIL was away for a couple of days, as well as having the farm he has a business a couple of hours drive away.)  Although this meant I was looking after 8 children including B13 and D3 it was easy as they are all well behaved children and as everyone gets up early here.  Hence early bedtimes.

D3s dad wasnt happy about my car and threatened to call the police on me.  And have D3 uplifted.  While it was a shock I handled it really well.  Im still patting myself on the back.  I didnt cry 🙂  My lawyer sorted it out and the mechanic put other jobs aside to get me home.  Bless them and my BIL who pointed out the effects this would have had on D3.
Yesterday afternoon we picked up the car and came home.  Taking our time as it was rainy, misty and windy.
This week to aplease his father D3 is spending the week with him.
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The last week and a half

Posted on April 2, 2009. Filed under: home and family |

Havent felt like blogging and been busy too

same sort of stuff as usual my part time job – had the best week since Ive started so far – very cool.  I usually get about 7 or 8 orders I got 15 orders in one week.

Home schooling a bit – mostly maths

mowed the lawns again so much easier with the electric mower and sold the other one

I enjoy my Saturday mornings when D3 is with his dad and B13 is at the Faraday Centre. A bit of time for me 🙂

I spilt the beans about my secret goal.  However its all good.  My sister wants us to stay with her.  So I moved the holiday 2 weeks forward not telling her.  Then at the beginning of this week got a date for our mediation confence to sort out custody.  So I had to move our holiday a week forward.  However and this is the best part of what is a scary – fear of the unknown time for me – we will be able to spend 2 days longer with my sis.  The ex will have D3 the first weekend of the holidays and the following 5 days.  The holidays are coming up fast.  Then as soon as I have D3 back on the Friday well be off.  OH!!!!! I cant wait.

This Friday and next week promise to be busy!!!! as i do twice the amount of my normal part time hours in order to get a bit of $$ saved for the holiday 🙂

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