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My Saturday

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This morning I eagerly went and beat the streets delivering my catalogues.  After only delivering 93 I ran out and after sometime decided to use my initiative (I hope thats what it will be seen as).   I went to my boss’s house and got another box of catalogues and delivered them too.

Then this afternoon I did some laundry, then read read read my book.  Later in the afternoon I had a bath and read some more of my book.

What am I reading???


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a good weekend

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I had a good weekend this weekend. On Saturday B13 helped out at a science and technology museum nearby. I went and brought some sneakers for work.


My sandals have had it and were really hurting my feet. I also brought some shoes for church and at times when I dont want to wear my sneakers.


I also brought some sneakers for the boys its getting closer to winter and pass sandals and barefeet time. I also brought some cream for my legs they tend to get sore with chafing. I also brought myself a cheap new handbag.


In the afternoon B13 and I helped a friend. She does a lot of work for the community next to ours. They had a fun afternoon to raise money for a play ground they want to build there. B13  and I helped an old man. He had made a tresure map and we sold pieces of card with a number on them which they poked into the map. The person closest to the treasure won it. Then after helping clean up we went over to the hospital to see my friend whom has just been diagnosed with cancer. She wasnt there. She was on day leave so we went to her house and ended up staying for dinner with some of her family. It was nice and reassuring. I thought shed be on her last legs – she isnt. She gets tired easily but shes still her happy, loving self.

On Sunday we went to church where I taught the Sunday school children about we are His lambs. As well as the lesson I set up a craft for the children (6 – 12 year olds) to do. After church we picked D3 up with a friend then went over to another friends house. I helped him pack some of his mums belongings away. She died about a year ago from cancer and he is going to get a house mate for her room very soon. He gave me a little bottle of Italian wine and some toiletry stuff that use to belong to her. Bless him 🙂 Hes a good friend. He took B13 to a youth group get together a few weeks ago. Then we went grocery shopping and then to Dees (my old next door neighbour when we lived at the house before this one).

Well better go B13  says its dinner time he has made mince and vege pies using pastry:)


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A Fab Day

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Today I helped with the Sanitarium New Zealand 2009 Weet-Bix Tryathlon here in the Bay thanks to Tracy.  B13 and I arrived at 10 shed been there since 7.  I grabbed a red crew tshirt.  Sorted out the medals.  Getting them ready for other officials and people like Nick Willis and – Hamish Carter to give out to the kids at the end.  I caught up with a friend and helped her sell people a yummy breakfast.  I had a plate or two as well.  Weetbix squares, yoghurt, tinned fruit and a juice.  All too soon it was lunchtime and the time for the tryathlon to start.  Half an hour or so later saw me pour drink after drink after drink of water into cups for the VERY thirsty children.  I got a bit wet but that was fine.  A hour or so later I helped pack up the venue.  We got some freebees for helping – left over breakfast foods and milk.  

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Grate :)s and LOL day 3 of changing my thinking

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Being invited to a social evening at church and there was pudding too YUM!!!


I had a nice “chat” with Jana on Yahoo Messenger 🙂

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Grate :)s and LOL day 2 of changing my thinking

Posted on February 12, 2009. Filed under: gratitute, smiles and laughter |


I can be grateful today that I finished my home care (my part time job) delieveries I wasnt sure Id be able to and I had to:)


I took my youngest with me when I finished my delieveries after dinner and after we had dropped my oldest at sea scouts.  It was pouring down we havent had rain for ages.  He wore his new rain coat and pushed his pushchair around behind me.  He was as happy as a duck is in the rain.  He walked for ages and was a good boy 🙂  Then to cap this nice time together off we went home and had a nice warm bath together before picking My oldest up again.

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Turning My Thinking Around

Posted on February 11, 2009. Filed under: gratitute, smiles and laughter |

At the moment I am having trouble forgiving myself

In my 2nd abusive relationship I remember the older children hiding under the desk in my daughters room.  They were cowering there hugging each other.  When my partner at that stage got angry.  I am having flashbacks of this a lot at the moment.

I feel guilty that I have been in these relationships where they havent felt or been treated right.

I need to forgive myself.  Much easier said than done. I was talking to my awesome friend today (Tracey) I am so so blessed to have her in my life.

I have decided though talking to her to start writing each day something I can be grateful for and also one thing that made me smile or laugh.

Feel free to join me if you want to


I am grateful to my friend Tracey

for all the love and support she gives meT

its much easier having here there for me than it is going through this alone as I have done so in the past where even my neighbour didnt know what was happening

I thank God each day for her 🙂

picnik-collageReading an email from my cousin in the UK made me smile

She is older than me and is full of wisdom

I often wish she was my mother

shes very special too – loving, supporting and encouraging me 🙂

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