My Late Birthday Treat

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Tonight I was trerated to McDs for dinner then to see Night at the Museum 2

It was really good thanks B13


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This morning went to church and taught the children again

Then went to lunch at a friends house it was nice and we had a good talk

This afternoon after picking up D3 we went to see Circus Quirkus – it was excellet we were given tickets from the support worker that has been working along side B13.

We werent allowed to take photos but if you follow this link you will get an idea what this circus is all about http://www.circusquirkus.com/index.htm

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To All My Friends Who Are Mums/Moms

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Hope you all have a lovely day

You all deserve it

I was treated by my lovely 13 year old with breakfast in bed and this dvd 🙂  🙂  🙂


This was a real surprise.  He told me he had no $$.  He doesnt at the mo.  He got this a couple of weeks ago.  YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  “Mama Mia here I go again” 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Where Im At

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On Friday and Saturday I delivered 370 catalogues with very little breaks throughtout the day.  I was pooped!!!!

Then on Monday I collected them all back in.  Again I was pooped!!!

Wasnt too bad nor too good a week order wise.

Yesterday was a fun day.  My course Ive been doing for the last term (10 weeks) finished.  I feel stronger and more aware of the signs of abuse and can and have helped others though what I have learnt.  With it being the last day yesterday we had a special morning tea/lunch.  We got certificates and a little candle each.  We celebrated, we cheered and hugged each other and generally had a wonderful time together.  I have made some good friends through it.  Other woman whom have been in similar situations to me.

In a couple of weeks time after the holidays (2 weeks starting tomorrow) Im going to do another course.  I will probably connect with some of the same women.  This one is about being assertive and managing anger without violence.  Something that did come out in the middle of the course Ive just finished was grief and anger.  I felt the ex had stripped me of my self confidence.  I am getting that back but some of those feelings were intense.

Another thing that I plan to do next term is get back into home schooling in a more regular, consistent and better fashion.  This term was about us holistically, recovering after the break up,  next term is about getting back into home schooling like we did last year.  However this time God is our headmaster.

Roll on school hols.  Roll on and over the mediation (sorting out custody of D3)  on the 15th please do pray or think of me.  Its a bit scary.  Only about another week till my dream, goal and action plan comes to fulfillment I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I Have a Dream, I Have a Plan, An Action Goal . . .

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to help me cope with anything

I believe angels

– but these angels are a different

type of one

A couple of nights ago I was sitting in front of the TV watching the late news.  I was thinking over some things Tracy and I had talked about during the day.  She thinks I need to get some me time (away from B13).  I dont agree with her and thats ok 🙂  She loves me unconditionally.

In this case the angel is a metaphor to me for a holiday 🙂

My dream, plan, goal is too try to save up some money (I may try to get some more part time work) and save up and go and visit my sister with the boys.  I havent seen her in such a long time.  Years and years.  She lives in the BOP.  Up North.  I have decided it would be neat to surprise her.  She doesnt read my blog.  I would love to turn up on her doorstep and say Hi sis 🙂

She has a very large family and I have decided it would make it more of a holiday if we stayed here. Their tariff isnt too bad.  We would stay for 3 or 4 nights.  The flexiblity of home schooling means we could go on a Monday and come back on a Friday morning.

As the lyrics  that I sang loads of this morning say:-

[I] can take the future even if [I] fail – this dream, plan, goal gives me a purpose and even if it doesnt come about because of $$ or lack of.  I will still be focusing on the future rather than dwelling in the present.   I feel like Ive been a bit bogged down – no more!!!

I believe this dream, plan and goal will bring me up when Im down 🙂  I will be able to push through the darkness and take another step towards my destination.

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Simple Womans Day Book

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Outside my window… its a cloudy day

I am hearing . . . the TV which B13 is watching

I am thankful for… supportive loving friends who are always there for me bless them all

I am wearingmy nightie

I am hoping…it doesnt rain today before I piuck up my catologues

From the kitchen… I have no idea. Billy cooks our dinner and I wash and dry the dishes.

I am reading. . .Accident by Danielle Steele for the 2nd time

Around the house . . .the vacumming is calling my name

Some of my favourite things . . . watching D3 sleeping in his bed last night just before I fell asleep in my bed

A few plans for the rest of the week. . . as well as all the usual stuff I will be remaining strong in the Lord and combating the evil one and all his cruel plans.

A picture thought I am sharing . . .  Im doling this differently this week and borrowing a picture from



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Ups and Downs on my Wednesday

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DOWN ist2_4796713-thumbs-down-icon1

B13 is sick and vommitted several times in the night

cried at the womas course – they were looking at the effects abuse has on children – while I know I am forgiven by my children I still feel bad for the choices Ive made and the things they have had to endure

locked my keys in my car

UP thumbs-up

Tracey babysat B13 in the morning so I could go to my course and both boys so I could do some work this afternoon

a man in a van helped me break into my car

got 3 orders which are to be fulled over the 6 weeks from 1 customer

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Simple Womans Day Book

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Outside my window… Upon peeking out my window it looks like its going to be a grey day

I am hearing . . .the sound of silence.  The boys are still asleep

I am thankful for… good songs from church which remind me Im His

I am wearing… my sarong which I threw on upon waking up this morning

I am hoping… to get aback on track with my clothes washing

From the kitchen… I have no idea.  Billy cooks our dinner and I wash and dry the dishes.

I am reading. . .still reading Nature Never Stops Talking – Samuel J Alibrand its very interesting

I am creating.. . a bebo page.  Are any of you with Bebo????

Around the house . . .all is tid.  Do need to tackle the washing though.

Some of my favourite things . . .having d3 back home again.  He was with his dad this weekend and i missed him

A few plans for the rest of the week. . . laundry LOL, work, well being groups – the self esteem course, councelling, womans group buying and sending a birthday card to my mum.

A picture thought I am sharing . . .


Guarding the bell


getting ready for the parade down to the church


the bell about to go down to the church


the parade

NB the bell came from the HMS VERONICA they were in the Bay when the 1931 earthquake occured and they set about telling the rest of NZ what had happened and came on shore to help the victims

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My Saturday

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After a restless night B13 woke me up at 6am.  I had to go and help him with his paperruns.  Both of our bikes are broken.  Hes going to take one of them to the bike shop on Monday. D3 is spending the weekend with his dad.

After we had finished them off we came home and had bacon & eggs for breakie.  Soon after breakfast I dragged took B13 out to a nearby street to collect $$ for Relay 4 Life.  Which hes going to take part in on the 7th and 8th of March.  Hes going to be doing his part at 5am.  If he can wake up.  He will have walk around a track for an hour.  We did reallly well 🙂  collecting the $$.  Just before we finished the stree we popped into a friend from church who lives on this street and refreshed on cold cold water from his fridge.  It was HOT!!!! outside.

After we had finished popped around the corner to see the beautiful loving supportive Tracey.  I am so blessed to have a friend like her.

In the afternoon B13 and I went to see Despereaux.  The ex was going to take him but then copped out.  I was pissed off about that.  I knew hed do that.  Still me made.  It was an ok movie.  We snacked on lollies and popcorn which we always buy beforehand at the supermarket.  Threatre food is always too expensive!!!


After the movie it was time for more walking.  We went and picked up my catologues from where I delievered them on Thursday and Friday morning  for my part time job 🙂

B13 cooked dinner when we got home and then we watched TV and settled down for an early night.

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The Highlight of my Week

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I could have titled this post a number of things like


this as a side was a hit in 1971 dont believe me look here

Seriously I am so happy and feeling freer than I have in a long time


the reason – my daughter emailed me back and forgave me a long time ago.  And she loves me 🙂



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