Reading 2009 Book Reviews – Adult books


Option A: Read authors A to Z.  26 books



C. a-mothers-wayA Mother’s Way

Authors – Lisa Cach, Susan Grant, Julie Kenner, Lynsay Sands

It seems that for centuries upon centuries mothers have been trying to get their children to marry certain suitable people.  Mothers after all know best who should marry their offspring.

The book runs from 1350 to the present day and beyond within 4 stories.  The first is about a Lord who has to get married within 2 weeks time or his bride will be chosen for him.  His mother arranges balls for him to attend.  Quite amusing when he is almost the only  male there.  As he is stubborn and head strong his mother refuses this time to support his choice.  She explains that if she does it will put him off.  She actually does her best to try to split them up knowing full well it will have the opposite effect.

In the 2nd story (which I didnt enjoy as much as the others) 2 mothers get together to marry off their offspring which are misfits and unmarriageable.

The 3rd story set in the present day.  The mother in this story is in some ways trying to live her life though her daughter.  She places an ad for love on her daughters behalf much to her daughters horror. Mother wants a super hero her daughter, her daughter  just wants an ordinary life with a normal mortal man.  She however, falls for an undercover super hero.   Maybe mothers way is the right way after all.

The last story had me in tears towards the end.  I am a bit soppy sometimes.  Andie grew up with a mother that LOVED super natural stuff and to make it even worst they live in Roswell.  This does have an impact on her career choice though as she is an astronaut.  She goes to spend some time at home before goingon a 3 year mission to Mars.  While there she wishes upon a star.  Her wish comes true when a man falls from outer space and the 2 fall in love.

I liked this story the best and would consider reading more by Susan Grant in the future.  Not bad overall considering I found it at a garage sale )













P.  and-frosts-are-slain And Frosts are Slain

Author – Neville Peacocke

An interesting story about New Zealand and written by a New Zealander.  This is the story based on fact of an early pioneer family.  It had me thinking about my own 2nd great grandparents  and I like the family in the book sent up a prayer of thanks to them for coming to New Zealand way back in 1863.  I found this book interesting too because it named several places in Auckland that I lived near and so could identify with easily.  It also had me recalling these places too.



S. a-wish-for-wingsA Wish For Wings

Author – Robert Swindells

A easier to read book which I welcomed after some of the deeper books I have read this year.  A 14 year old girl wants to fly, her father tells her what my own father told me many years ago.  We are too poor to send you to uni.  However where theres a will theres a way.  This book is also about the girl’s brother whom is in with the wrong crowd and has his grandfathers gun.  I would be tempted to read another book by this author.



V.  faith Faith In The Valley : Lessons for Women on the Journey to Peace

Author – Iyanla Vanzant

A really wonderful book.  I read this just after my separation and it helped me lean on God.  It helped me believe in myself.  I liked how each page was bite sized and I could cope with this book when all around me was crumbling and I was having trouble reading anything at all.  I think this book made me realise the title of my new blog here.  I now want to let God fill me up and make me whole.  It also made me realise that what I want for my family now is peace and that peace comes from God.  I will probably re read this book again one day.






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